V.I.P. Luxury Services

While you are with us, why not kick off your shoes and enjoy a relaxing massage in our custom-designed “Patient Comfort Room.”  Enjoy a refreshing variety of healthy herbal-infused Elixir Tonics and Teas, as well as, an assortment of juices from our complimentary juice bar.  Nibble on one or more of the well-stocked “goodies” along with your beverage of choice.

Prior to your dental treatment select a relaxing CD or DVD to enjoy on our flat-screen TV’s located in each dental treatment room.  You will be in absolute bliss as you “escape” enjoying your entertainment choice using our Bose Acoustic Noise Canceling headphones.

During your stay let us pamper you with one or more of our spa treatments.  We provide soft blankets, heated neck support pillows and relaxing aromatherapy.  Consider trying our soothing and moisturizing warm hand treatment for luxuriously soft baby-like hands.  “A favorite among patients!”  We provide a variety of refreshing spa items in our bathroom for after treatment enjoyment.  At the end of your visit, you will be handed a steaming hot lemon-scented facecloth to freshen up. 

Dentistry need not be anything less than a pampered pleasant experienceOur V.I.P. Luxury Services are another way we show our appreciation to you, our valued patients!




"Our exclusive V.I.P. Luxury Services transforms routine but necessary health care into a most pleasant experience."




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