Mission Statement

We are committed to providing the highest standards of quality and care to our patients. It is our hope that by dedicating our office to the care of the apprehensive dental patient, we can help patients who have never before been comfortable in the dental chair. We can help patients gain the ease and confidence to achieve not only complete dental health, but beautiful smiles as well. Our first priority is always to provide relief for patients in pain. We understand that giving the patient a comfortable experience in the dental chair will keep them coming back. We are so sure of our services, we back it with the following guarantee...

The Reception Center


5 Year Guarantee

If our crowns, porcelain veneers, or onlays need replacement within 5 years, and the tooth is still saveable... as long as Dr. Zakowski maintains his private practice in dentistry... and you do your part (see below)... we will at NO charge:

Replace any crown with a new crown of the same type.

Replace any porcelain veneer with a new veneer.

Replace any onlay with a new onlay.

Note: If a veneered or onlyaed tooth is damaged or decayed to the extent a crown is necessary, the full fee originally paid for the veneer or onlay will be applied toward the crown. You will pay only the difference. We cannot predict if and/or when gum or nerve treatments may be required. if needed, they would require additional fees.

Doing Your Part

Visit our office for a minimum of 2 times per calendar year for cleanings (4 times is recommended for those with gum disease). Note: Many of our patients return to us even after moving out of California. If you do, one cleaning and a check up is all that is needed to maintain this agreement.

Complete all recommended treatment in the quarter of the month the tooth in question is in at our offices. Your path to optimal health requires a comprehensive approach to dental care.

Advise us of the need to change or cancel appointments at least 48 hours in advance. Shorter notice cancellations or changes severly limit our ability to offer another patient their most preferred time.