Finance/Payment Options

In order to facilitate access to the very best health care possible, you may choose from any of the following (including any combination thereof): 

  • Cash

  • Visa or MasterCard

  • Money Order

  • Personal Checks

  • CareCredit (see details at right)

It is our pleasure to assist you in maximizing your insurance benefit by completing your claims forms.  All insurance claims will be processed before the end of the treatment day.

Prepay Courtesy
A prepayment courtesy of 3% (for fees of $3,000 or higher) will be subtracted from the total patient obligation if the obligation is paid in full at the first treatment visit with cash or a check.




We offer CareCredit because your smile is important to us.  CareCredit is a convenient, low minimum monthly payment program for your entire family specifically designed to pay for healthcare and elective treatment not covered by insurance.  CareCredit, the leader in patient financing, has made it easy for more than 4 million patients nationwide to get the treatment they need.  For treatment fees from $1 to over $25,000, CareCredit has a variety of low minimum monthly payment plans.  So you can start today!

To learn more about CareCredit or for Quick and Easy Approval click here. (


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